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  • SLS (Sanitary Lift Station) 1

    Features and Capabilities Windows 98 and higher format featuring Windows Input. Output to Screen and/or to Printer in Tabulated Format. Data file
  • Face Software 2.7

    This software allows you to do a lot more stuff on Facebook that is not readily available for you on the website. Download and start using this
  • Natural Word from Software Theories 1.0.0

    Natural Word allows the user to command Microsoft Word using their own words. Finally, make Word do what you want it to do without memorizing cryptic
  • Natural Ambience - Sound Therapy Software 1.5

    Natural Ambience is software that turns your PC into a Sound Therapy machine that recreates eight different nature soundscapes with optional
  • Natural Log 8.0.163

    Natural Log is a Radio Traffic-Log-Billing-A/R System. It is compatible with most popular and accesible computer automation systems. A network version
  • Natural Ambience 1.0

    Natural Ambience turns your PC into a Sound Therapy machine that recreates eight different nature soundscapes with optional background music. It
  • Natural Login Pro 1.10

    Increase your Windows security level. Get rid of the weak Windows password system. Replace it with a strong, highly secure, 2-Factor (or even more)
  • Natural Fat Loss 2.0

    Learn how to get and maintain your ideal weight by following some simple rules which include healthy lifestyle, food combination and fitness.
  • So Natural Screensaver 1.0

    Free screensaver that shows the power of nature. It is so beautiful and will never make you bored. Comes with 50 different
  • NATural IP SOHO 1.55

    NATural IP enables you to run all your existing Internet applications, including videoconferencing, streaming media and group collaboration tools.
  • Natural Facelift 1.0

    The idea of exercising your face is a good way to keep or rejuvenate your facial looks. Simple toning exercises can help to firm the contours of the
  • Natural Calculator 1.7

    Natural Calculator is a unique, powerful, and simple program for solving various mathematical tasks. Unlike any other such programs, Natural
  • 3D Natural Beauty 1.0

    3D Natural Beauty - animated screensaver. How often do you have an opportunity to enjoy ocean view or sea expanses? Relax and enjoy sea views just
  • Best of Natural Landscapes 1.00

    The most breathtaking natural landscapes! Part 1 of 12 breathtaking screensavers showcasing a series of hand-picked images of the most beautiful
  • Natural Healing 6.5

    Alternative medicine software A useful natural healing and alternative medicine software Natural Healing is a useful natural healing &
  • Natural Makeup 5.7

    Natural Makeup. The secret of perfect make up is not to over do it. It should be subtle, natural and suit your personality. If you're going for a
  • Natural Biorhythms 3.04

    Natural Biorhythms is a powerful, easy-to-use application ideal for making personal forecasts. This program is based on the western scientific theory
  • Natural Color Pro 1.0.0005

    Natural Color Pro, developed by Samsung for its monitors, is a color system management application. This is a version that allows making display and
  • Natural Selection 1.01

    Explore natural selection by controlling the environment and causing mutations in
  • Grain Natural 2.0

    Grain Natural 2 allows to generate Grains of variable size. This plugin exploits colours already present in the image to achieve a "natural" result.
  • Natural Seasons 1.0

    Spring with its flowers and leaves, the hot summer, the fair-weather autumn, and the snowy winter all are what we call the four seasons. Our little
  • Natural Music 5.0.214

    Natural Music has the features most broadcasters need. When you buy Natural Music you get many advanced features found in music schedulers which you
  • Revelation Natural Art 1.5.7490

    Revelation Natural Art can easily be configured to meet any learner’s specific needs. You can add or reduce the number of tools available to make the
  • Natural Born Chatter 2.9.8

    Popular text chat solution that was designed specifically for small and middle local area networks. It doesn't require an Internet connection or a
  • Acne Free The Natural Way 2.0

    Learn how to get rid of acne using homemade remedies. Acne is a skin disease caused by an inflamation of the sebaceous glands. The sebum mixes with
  • Lose Weight The Natural Way 2.0

    Stay active and exercise regularly. Sixty minutes a day is ideal, but everything (even climbing stairs and walking to school or work) counts. An
  • Natural Remedies For Acne 1.0

    Natural Remedies For Acne. Learn which natural acne remedies can help you get rid of acne naturally. There are many natural acne home remedies that
  • Best of Natural Landscapes Part 12 1.00

    Part 12 of 12 breathtaking screensavers showcasing a series of hand-picked images of the most beautiful natural landscapes on the planet. This
  • Natural Skin Care 2.0

    There are six reasons why store-bought skin care products may not be a good idea and the most important is that they can be dangerous to your health
  • Natural Progesterone Creme CH 1.0

    Natural Progesterone Creme CHMOD calculator. This easy to use free CHMOD calculator will show you how to set file permissions in both Octal and
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  • The Face Fitness Virtual Trainer 1.00

    Everybody knows through exercising in a gym you can firm up the body and skin. naturally, the same is true about the muscles in the face and neck. As your muscles and connective tissue tone, your skin tightens up and
  • FST-Editor 2.24

    The intelligent FSTEditor PC program facilitates comfortable programming of the FST lift controller from your computer.lift controllers are based on bus technology. This means flexible integration of all types of lifts,
  • Masks volume 3 1.0

    Making a facial mask at home is quite easy and inexpensive. You may have all the ingredients in your kitchen to make a fabulous natural "homemade facial mask". Homemade face and body masks containing natural
  • non surgical facelift 1.0

    Non surgical face lift browser to view resources for antiaging skin care, health, and alternatives to facelift surgery. Search the information contained in articles, resource pages and electronic
  • GeigerScript2-PC 2.0

    The one and only type face that looks like it has been written by hand.Type faces often don't work like they were really written by hand. In the most cases, they look too beautiful, too elegant or just simply boring.
  • Tweezing Eyebrows 5.7

    Tweezing Eyebrows. Eyes are the windows of your soul.Eyebrows give your face character and bring out your eyes.You can achieve the fastest, most noticeable change in your face by doing something about your
  • Face Shape 3.0

    Now you can easily get to know about shape of your face by using handy software utility face Shape. It is very easy to use; you have to take a sheet of paper with the same size as your face and a flat ruler; you will
  • Applying Foundation 1.0

    You can read the Applying Foundation ebook for getting to know that how you can look best. It gives you information that how will you apply foundation on your skin such as if you want to look natural than your foundation
  • Freakstein 1.00

    Make jokes to your friends: take their faces and arrange them in weird images! Do you want to see the face of your son? Take the face of your girl/boyfriend and compose it with yours! With Freakstein you can take pieces
  • Photo Beauty Rank 1.0

    Which photo do you look best in? This is a unique program that is based on scientific algorithms and face recognition software to assess the beauty of a person's face. Of course, beauty is subjective. Even the most
  • Liubasik GOLD 13

    Rain on Your desktop in the manner of pictures (hearts, Snowflakes, ?), for lift mood, find correct decision, good recollection and many other: Do You Want, what Your subordinated work more effect. Do You Want, what
  • Face LogOn Xpress 1.0

    face LogOn Xpress 1.0 is a program with a web-camera designed to ensure the identity of the user by providing biometric verification, based on Award Winning XID face Recognition AI Technology. face LogOn Xpress is aimed
  • Voxeet Beta

    Voxeet is a free audio conference software. Enjoy high definition calls and conferences with your friends, colleagues and family. Voxeet makes web conferencing work better for people, every day. We offer high
  • Fun Face Master 1.52

    Place your face on funny photos. Fun face Master is a fun photo edit software. Put your face on 100 dollars, Santa Claus, Bodybuilder or any funny photo. The Fun face Master include a lot of fun templates, just a few
  • Perfect365

    Perfect365 is a photo makeover application with easy-to-use touch-up, makeup, and enhancing tools. With a single click of a button, it turns mediocre photos and portraits into perfectly shareable ones, with natural
  • Physiognomy Studio 1.2

    Physiognomy Studio is the one and only face reading software program that can analyze your digital photo picture and give you immediate face reading session. You can learn the type of your face and personality traits of
  • Solitaire 3D 1.4

    Solitaire 3D 1.4 is known as a cool card game which includes a 3D face-lift. The application contains all your favorite solitaire games, including Klondike, Spider, Golf, FreeCell, and Pyramid. Select one of seven preset
  • Luxand FaceCrop Face Detection SDK 1.0

    From one of the pioneers of face detection software comes Luxand faceCrop SDK, the ultimate solution for developers who need to automate the process of face detection and get the highest quality images possible from an
  • VeriLook Embedded SDK Trial 1.1

    face recognition SDK and biometric technology for Android smatphones or tablets Mobile face recognition SDK for Android smatphones, tablets and other embedded devices. The biometric technology processes multiple
  • Face Unlock 1.0

    Lock your desktop and keep your computer safely without your face detected in front of your computer. face Unlock need PC web camera or camera video compatible, in order to work with face detection and recognizing.
  • Face Smoother 2.0

    Sometimes the face skin on the photo does not look fine. face Smoother smoothes the face skin in an easy and fast way and makes the photo more beautiful.Besides, with face Smoother, you can also adjust ( change the
  • Enhancer HD 1.0

    If you need to give your photos a bit of lift but using levels and sharpening etc doesn't seem to do it, then our Enhancer HD plugin filter might be just what you need. This neat little filter will Boost the definition
  • Natural Makeup 5.7

    natural Makeup. The secret of perfect make up is not to over do it. It should be subtle, natural and suit your personality. If you're going for a truly natural look, you'll have to rely on subtlety and neutral
  • Rohos Face Logon Free 2.9

    Adds Log-In convenience to the standard Windows logon procedure. It allows to access Windows computer in an easy and fast way by using any Web camera. The login is performed automatically once the face has been
  • VeriLook Extended SDK Trial 4.0

    Webcam capable multiplatform face identification SDK for PC and Web based applications. Includes a ready-to-use software for face matching on the server side that is intended for using in web-based and other
  • TAL-USE 1.01

    TAL-USE (Ultra Simple Eq) is especially designed after some tilt eq's from the 70's. This type of eq allows to adjust the audio material without changing the character of a sound to much. Its an easy way, to make an
  • KeyLemon 2.6.5

    KeyLemon is the latest and high level security application that enables you to keep your computer highly secure using face recognition as password checking. All you have to do is connect a webcam to your PC and create a
  • Makeup Smart 1.0

    There are a variety of ways to pamper yourself; like using great cosmetics that make you feel you have a whole different look. Cosmetics should compliment the skin color of the face and body.When makeup is applied to
  • FastAccess Pro 3.001.070

    Now you can log into your websites and windows by using your face with the help of handy and inclusive software utility FastAccess. It is capable of learning about your face and whenever you login it automatically update
  • Face Recognition System 2.1

    This is the AT&T database tested application that use source code for the recognition of face. It uses Karhunen-Loeve algorithm and performs face recognition, eigenvalues, eigenfaces and eigenvectors related tasks for